Mugen MBX7R


Mugen Seiki is proud to introduce the release of the MBX7R 1/8 Nitro Buggy!

The MBX7R kit is based off the World Champion MBX7 Platform with many high end improvements in suspension, steering and other areas to create the ultimate 1/8 nitro off road buggy.

E2015 – MBX7R 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit (off road):

Mugen concentrated on the making the suspension on the MBX7R even better with new 16mm bodied front and rear racing shocks. These new shocks will improve stability in both bumps and jumps greatly. The bigger bodies’ shocks will make the 7R have less fade during longer runs which means you can drive even harder than ever before. The rear shocks are 4mm shorter and with the use of a new rear shock tower will keep the back of the 7R hooked up and on the ground. The 7R gets a chassis change with the side angle of the chassis changed which creates more strength and a better feeling on all racing surfaces.

The MBX7R gets a re-designed front hub carrier in which the position of the front axle has been changed to a trailing axle position. This will improve overall steering and feeling of the 7R. A new steering ackerman plate with additional steering tie rod holes to have maximum steering adjustability. The front upper suspension arm has been shorten 1.6mm to allow for more camber adjustability and the use of the E0161 spacer between the pillar ball and upper arm.

The drive train of the MBX7R has been changed and improved with the use of a new universal style drive shaft for both the front and rear drive shafts. This will greatly improve the feel of the buggy on bumpy surfaces. The use of the universal will make the overall drive train much smoother and will spin with less friction. New wings mount which will allow the wing to be moved closer to the shock tower to allow for better traction and jumping abilities. The fuel tank gets a re-designed baffle system to increase fuel pick up and to keep the fuel clunk positioned correctly.

MBX7R Features:

– 3mm A7075 hard anodized chassis
– Lightweight 46T spur gear
– Lightweight conical gears
– Straight cut conical and ring differential gears
– Specially designed front upper and rear lower suspension arms, front hub carriers, rear suspension arms and hub carriers
– Fully adjustable steering with new geometry, servo saver and ackerman plate
– Front/Rear 16mm hard anodized threaded shocks with 3.5mm shock shafts and slim rubber boots
– 5mm A7075 aluminum front shock tower
– 4mm A7075 aluminum rear shock tower
– 5mm A7075 aluminum lower suspension mounts for optimized geometry
– Special designed fuel tank with new baffle system
– E0710 heavy duty aluminum clutch shoes
– Stylish cab forward body
– Re-designed wing mount and high-down force wing

Differentials Oils:

Front – 7,000 wt Oil (B0323)
Center – 7,000 wt Oil (B0323)
Rear – 3,000 wt Oil (B0321)

Shocks, Springs, and Sway Bars:

550 wt Oil (B0333) / φ1.6 L70/9.25T Spring (E2516) / φ1.3 8H Piston (E2525) / φ2.3mm (E0164)

550 wt Oil (B0333) / φ1.6 L86/10.75T Spring (E0563) / φ1.3 8H Piston (E2525) / φ2.7mm (E0168)

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