Reds 721 Superveloce Pro Gen 3


Reds Racing releases a new version of 721 Superveloce 3.5cc off-road engine.

What’s new:

– Completely redesigned cooling head: lower gravity center for better car handling, improved aerodynamics for a lower drag and improved engine cooling

New cooling head design and colors

– New rear bearing for increased durability and reliability

721 Superveloce Pro Gen 3 Main Features:

– Extra Tuned Sleeve by Mario Rossi: This special modification to the sleeve by Mario Rossi increases engine power noticeably and guarantees good fuel mileage at the same time.

– Airboost Backplate: The Aiboost Backplate has been designed for increased Mid to High RPM Power, increased fuel efficiency and faster return to idle.

– 3 needle carburetor: the 3 needle carburetor allows better and easier tuning in all conditions and guarantees more linear power delivery and greater power. All carburetors come with a special sealing ring to increase sealing and tuning stability.

This engine is suitable for tracks where a more powerful engine will give you an advantage. It was used at the 2022 Worlds by Reds Team drivers when Juan Carlos Canas made 3rd place in the main final. The Superveloce is a classic 3.5cc 7 ports engine, a feature that has now become REDS Racing trademark, it can be used for both 1/8 buggy and truggy. Thanks to the AirBoost backplate and Extra Tuning by Mario Rossi the new engine has an extremely linear power delivery, which makes it super powerful but at the same time drivable. Our main objective was to develop a superfast engine able to guarantee a good fuel economy. Furthermore, the combination with the new 2113 X-One pipe makes the engine even more powerful but at the same time drivable

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