Zanchettin conquista il WIR

Talented TLR driver Alex Zanchettin made full use of his TQ, taking home the Winter Indoor Race – held this weekend at IBR Padova in Italy. Despite the star-studded field it was an Italo-affair as the TLR/Novarossi pairing of Zanchettin and Stocco completed a popular 1,2. 2010 World Champion Cody King taking the final podium spot ahead of a very fast Martin Wollanka of Austria. Through qualifying Elliott Boots would claim 2nd, and Berton 3rd but both finished down the order in the final, Boots with a broken throttle servo whilst reigning World Champion Robert Batlle also suffered the same fate.The so-called ‘Winter Indoor Race’ marks leg 1 of the IBR ‘Champions League’ series of races,  whilst on paper Zanchettin claimed a dominating win, it wasn’t – the Italian up and comer having an issue in his semi, needing the ‘LCQ’ to make his way into the main starting on Lucky number P13. A handful of other big names failed to make the cut – Euro-B Champion Marco Baruffolo, Davide Tortorici, Riccardo Rabitti etc. Whilst Zanchettin wrapped up the win, the battle for 2nd came down to the last lap as Stocco and King duelled it out, Stocco edging it for an Italian 1,2. In the F2 class, Leonardo Valente took a dominant win infront  of Thomas Diesselbacher and Gianluca De Sisto.Via

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