Elliot Boots è campione Europeo Buggy

A major international title that so elusively eluded Elliott Boots is finally his – winner of the 35th EFRA European Championships held in Sacile, Northern Italy. The story started out in the semis as TQ man Boots started on pole only to suffer a minor flame out in the pits whilst refuelling, he would fall back into a tight fight but recover enough to take 2nd behind Ronnefalk. The 2nd semi was one of the most eventful races we’ve ever witnessed, with 7 drivers in contention of taking 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th – bump positions in the final. It proved messy with Alessandro Stocco losing out, as well as Martin Bayer, having made an opportunistically robust move up the inside of Marco Baruffolo driving towards the line on the last lap, he hit Baruffolo who went flying and the referees deemed it Bayer’s fault, handing him a penalty and promoting Baruffolo to the main.

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