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La ristrutturazione globale all’interno di Horizon Hobby e più nello specifico nel Team TRL ha generato un’altro addio illustre. Dopo Darren Bloomfield e Migel Matias anche Mike Truhe lascia l’ex squadrone americano e approda alla lanciatissima casa olandese, la Serpent. Dopo aver conquistato il mondiale on road 2013 e introdotto sul mercato il modello di punta 1/10 buggy EP ecco accaparrarsi uno dei migliori piloti d’oltreoceano, Truhe entra a far parte del team Serpent e sarà sicuramente molto interessante vederlo al suo debutto al Dirt Nitro Challenge tra poche settimane. Ecco il suo annuncio ufficiale:

“As a lot of you may have already seen I have made the switch to Serpent racing for the upcoming years  i want to start out by thanking everyone at TLR and Horizon hobby for the past support and opportunities that have brought me to where I am at today. I had a very good run with these people but it is time to close that chapter and open a new one. I have made ALOT of very good friends there and hope that the friendship will still be there even though we don’t “work” together anymore.

There has been so many people that have been a huge part of my time at TLR that id like to thank in no particular order. Gil Losi Jr, Gil Losi Sr, Adam Drake, Todd Hodge, Bill Jeric and Kevin Gahan. This is just a very small off the top of my head list and there is so many more that i could list but i hope you know who you all are!!! Its been a great 10+ year run but time to move on.

I am now very excited to be working with Serpent racing and Desoto racing to grow and expand the Serpent brand and all that Desoto racing has to offer. I truly feel that this is a great fit for me and that the products available are some of the best on the market. I am very excited to also be apart of this growing brand and bring the consumers the best and freshest ideas of cars and parts that are available. ”

Fonte: RedRCNeobuggy

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