Ryan Maifield joins Novarossi


Ryan Maifield annuncia il suo passaggio ai motori Novarossi durante l’intervista a LiveRC.com. Il suo esordio avverrà a fine mese partecipando al “The Dirt Nitro Challenge”. Chissà se il modello Associated che ospiterà il nuovo propulsore Nova sarà ancora la RC8.2…

Di seguito l’intervista rilasciata a LiveRC.com

LiveRC: You have had some great success in the past with LRP, O.S., and Reedy…why Novarossi?

Ryan: Yes I have, and I want to thank both companies for the past successes we’ve had together. I wish both companies luck in the future with there nitro racing programs. I chose Novarossi because the engine line offers everything I need to be successful. A broad range of engines with different power bands and speed, great gas mileage, reliability, and a great team backing.

LiveRC: Novarossi has an extensive lineup of new engines. Which one will you be running, and why?

Ryan: That has yet to be determined. I still have some testing to do with the engine line up to figure out what works best for me. The Nitro Challenge is coming up in a few weeks, I will let you guys know then. 😉

LiveRC: Will you be playing a part in future engine development?

Ryan: I hope to be a part of future development, but we will see. Novarossi has a great group of people developing their engine program, and I wouldn’t want to get in there way. After all they probably won’t try to tell me how to drive, so I wont tell them how to make engines. Haha!

LiveRC: When will be your debut race with the new engines?

Ryan: This year’s Dirt Nitro Challenge, it should be fun!

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