Jared Tebo firma con Proline

Jare Tebo lascia le gomme AKA dopo ben 8 anni di collaborazione, e firma per i prossimi anni con l’altra casa americana, la Proline. Si rompe così anche il binomio Kyosho-AKA che vedeva il Tebo il massimo esponente. Qui di seguito i due messaggi in lingua originale lasciati dai diretti interessati.

“I will be making a big change in 2016, I will no longer be running for AKA tires. I started my relationship with AKA in 2009 when I made my HUGE career change, and they have been great the entire step of the way. Of course, you have ups and downs, like any relationship, but my memories are great working with them. We won countless races together, IFMAR World Champion, ROAR National Champion, The Dirt Nitro Challenge Champion, Silver State Champion, NEO Champion, Cactus Classic Champion, we had a great run for sure. I would like to thank them all, Joel, Mark, Gil, Brent, and Pres for all the hard work that must happen to create great products and win on the biggest stages. I wish AKA well, and I will never forget what we did in those 7 years together. We are ending on good terms, sometimes you just need a little change. 2016 will bring a new challenge and a new tire sponsor for me, I’m excited and ready to get back racing!”

Jared Tebo

We at AKA would like to express our sincere gratitude to Jared Tebo for the past eight years of racing. Jared was a part of the team from the beginning and with our support and his talent we were able to win our first of many 1:8 National Titles and the coveted 2WD 1:10 Electric World Championship in 2013. We wish Jared continued success on and off the track in 2016 and beyond.

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